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Internet SMS
Internet SMS allows your family and friends to send you SMS via the Message Centre . You can decide when you want to receive the SMS by turning Internet SMS on or off from your mobile phone or via Web.
Group SMS
Use Group SMS to send text messages to an individual or a group of up to 50 people.
How to Use?
Send A SMS To An Individual
Send A SMS To 1 Group
Send A SMS To More Than 1 Group
Send A SMS To A Combination of Mobile Phone Numbers, Group And Individual Contacts
Create Your Individual Contact(s)
Create Your Group
Add Your Contacts To A Group
Delete Contacts/Groups
View Contacts/Groups
Edit A Contact Number
Promotional SMS Services
Promotional SMS is a SMS Containing text advertisement that explains about the product/service information sent to thousands of people. Promotional SMS is a form of mobile marketing where a Text SMS is sent to various numbers containing their sms advertisement that consist of product/service details or offers. It is used by any person or industry who wishes to promote their product or service and Increase their client base.
We live in the age of rapid information; Bulk SMS is one of the best  wide varieties of communication which is used to send messages to one place to another in fraction of second to multiple persons in a very short time.
Transactional Bulk SMS
Send Transactional Bulk SMS in India to DND/Non DND Number 24 X 7 with SENDER ID using SMS template based system

Sending Transactional SMS in India is now possible, even on DND (Do Not Disturb)/NDNC registered numbers. At TOSMS, we understand how important it is to send SMS to your employee, customer or business associate which is not promotional in nature but message didn’t get deliver on DND registered numbers. Here is the solution, using our Transactional SMS Service you can send SMS to any number (both DND and Non-DND) any time. What all you have to do is to get your SMS template approved from TOSMS. Once template is approved by us, you will be having the system either using control panel/API to send transactional SMS. More to that your transactional SMS will go with 6 Characters ALPHA sender id, which helps your users to identify your brand/company name easily.

How does SMS Template for transactional SMS work?

SMS template is a format of SMS in which you send the SMS to the user, it may be same for each user or may have variable content in it. The SMS goes strictly as per the approved template only, if you change the template even with one character then SMS will not go.

Sender ID guidelines:
Must be 6 digits only, not less than or more than 6 characters
Can have characters only A to Z or a to z NO special charcter or space or numeric
Must represent your company, no generic words e.g. PROMOS
TOSMS Transactional SMS Service covers every GSM and CDMA networks operating in India, 24X7


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